The World of Trackers

  • Supreme House

    Chamberlain Street, and the building on which the Supreme Committee safe house is based. Note the satellite TV dish just below the upper window, where the microphone is planted.

  • Surveillance Street

    Across from the Chamberlain Street hide-out of the Supreme Committee: The PIA set up their surveillance from one of these houses.

  • Big Bay, big trouble

    The Big Bay Beach Club, where Milla and Lukas Becker hide from ... just about everybody.

  • Escape Route

    Fleeing for their lives after the gang attack, Milla and Lukas have to jump the fence, and crawl up the tree-covered dune right at the back.

  • OPBC Entrance

    The unimposing entrance to the Oceana Power Boat Club near the Cape Town Waterfront.

  • End of the Line

    The small alcove where The Shipment is delivered - and death pays a visit. Is it the end of the line for Milla? Or a new beginning?

  • Sky High

    The Van Grinsven RV-7 - the aircraft Lemmer and Lotter fly up to Musina.

  • Black Gold

    The Black Rhino. Lemmer has to escort two of them from Musina to the Karoo. And get them there alive.

  • Keep on Trucking ...

    The Mercedes truck carrying two Black Rhino's, and three people. One of them might be a traitor.

  • Cabin Fever

    Lemmer, Flea van Jaarsveld and Lourens le Riche spend more than 1 000 kms in the Mercedes.