The World of ICARUS

  • The Blaauwklippen valley

    It really exists: The beautiful valley in which the fictitious wine farm 'Klein Zegen" lies - against the mountain right at the back.

  • Wine country

    Benny, Vaughn Cupido and the Hawks team spend most of the investigation in the university town of Stellenbosch, about forty minutes drive from Cape Town.

  • Pane e Vino

    Across the street from is the wonderful Italian restaurant Pane e Vino, in Bosman's Crossing, Stellenbosch. (Great pasta!)

  • The Temptation

    Benny buys lunch for the Hawks detectives here, in the Pane e Vino restaurant. But can he resist the liquid variety?

  • Everybody's Alibi

    The offices of is in this building (only in the book, of course). It's also where Vaughn Cupido falls in love.

  • Cop shop

    The SAPS station in Stellenbosch, which caught the Ernst Richter missing person case - and where Tricky Ricky Grobler's car is analysed.