The World of Thirteen Hours

  • Body of Evidence

    The Lutheran church yard where the body of a young backpacking tourist is found right next to the big tree on the left.

  • Long Street ...

    ... is historical, and the headquarters of backpacking tourism in Cape Town. Across the road, the Cat & Moose Youth Hostel, which features in the book.

  • City steeple

    At the top end of Long Street in downtown Cape Town is the St. Martini Kirche, a Lutheran church. This is where Benny Griessel is called at 05:37 in the morning, the beginning of 13 long hours.

  • Rude Awakening

    The house in Brownlow Street, Cape Town, on which the residence of Xandra Barnard is modelled. A former acclaimed singer, she wakes up to find the body of her husband on the floor next to her.

  • Higgo Hiding

    Desperate to rest, Rachel Anderson seeks a place to hide in Higgo Street, on the flank of Table Mountain. This actual Higgo Street house would have been a perfect setting for the scenes in the book.

  • Table Mountain Track

    This is the foot path along which Rachel Anderson flees. Lion's Head is in the background.

  • Worms in the woodpile

    High on the flank of Table Mounttain is a house which had the perfect hiding place for Rachel Anderson - behind the stacked wood. This is where she also quenched her thirst.

  • Dangerous Deli

    Carlucci's the restaurant and deli in Montrose Street, Gardens, where so much of the action takes place. The photograph is looking down Upper Orange Street, towards downtown Cape Town, the direction in which Rachel flees.