Seven Days

“I’ll shoot one policeman every day, until you arrest the murderer of Hanneke Sloet,” says the e-mail to the South African Police Services. And then the threat becomes reality.

Bennie Griessel has to reopen the Sloet dossier. The case is 40 days old, the trail has gone cold. No motive, no leads, just a set of nude photographs, a very complicated business transaction, and immense pressure from the brass, the media, and the relentless, unfathomable sniper.

And through it all, Griessel has to keep his love interest, the alcoholic, former singing sensation Alexa Barnard, sober for her comeback concert, cope with his daughter’s Neanderthal boyfriend, his son’s shenanigans, and his new partner’s idiosyncrasies – and try to tame his own all-consuming lust for the soothing powers of the bottle.

Seven days of hell.


Review Snippets

  • What makes Meyer such a national treasure - and as good as anyone in the world - is that even if you have no knowledge or interest in South Africa's history or present, his books are compelling page-turners.

    — Julia Beffon in The Times
  • ... there is no gainsaying the sheer momentum of the storytelling. And there is a key thing to praise in 7 Days: how does Meyer manage to make the hoariest cliché of crime fiction – the alcoholic copper – read as if we've never encountered this device?

    — Barry Forshaw in The Independent
  • 7 DAYS, is a perfect example of why he is, in my opinion, one of the very best crime fiction authors in the world today.

    — Maxine Clarke on Euro Crime

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  • The guy is so good, you'll probably want to collect all eight of his novels. Take Seven Days in South Africa with Deon Meyer. Your crime fiction just got a whole lot more entertaining.

    — JC Patterson in The Madison County Herald.