Dirt Busters / Ridders van die Grondpad

Dirt Busters
  • Kindle edition (and other e-Book platforms) coming in January 2014.

  • More than 30 routes described and graded.

  • Comprehensive dirt riding guide.


Quotes from the book:

"The fact is that you don’t have to fear off-road riding.

If you approach it with pragmatism, humility and intelligence, you will be able to master the dirt. If you are willing to face your fears, analyse them and overcome them, you can become an expert, and unlock a whole new way of life which, in the immortal words of the legendary Pieter de Waal, always over-delivers against expectation."

From the preface: "The purpose of this book is to share our passion for the most enjoyable way to ride a motorcycle – the why, the where, and the how.

"We're talking about versatile gravel-and-tar motorbikes of 650cc and bigger. We’re talking about the big dogs, built for long distance, with good rider protection, significant capacity for luggage, to travel at least 250 km on a tank and – if you wish – at 120km per hour or faster, with enough vuma and space for a passenger – all day long, seven days a week.

"We want to share our favourite routes, and some of the stories about them. And we will spend much time on riding techniques. This book will teach you that it is easy to master any surface, and fun too. We will explain the theory behind the skills, and show you how to apply it in practice.

"The guide will also help you to buy the dirt road touring bike – new or second hand – that fits your needs, budget and ability the best and which accessories you should get. And how to set it up."

Routes to ride

Book Excerpt: Gariep to Steynsburg


Topographic map software is the adventure rider's best friend. The more contour lines, the more bends in the road, the more certain you are it will be fun. But there are exceptions. Like the gravel road between the Gariep Dam and Steynsburg.


We discovered it by accident, this beautiful road, first along the provincial boundary between the Northern and Eastern Cape, and south-east to Steynsburg.


We’d simply wanted to avoid the tar on the way to Cradock. And then the landscape took our breath away. True, we did ride it in the green of late summer, but I suspect that even in winter it is enchanting.


Ride south over the Gariep Dam wall, and when you reach the R58, ride straight across and take the dirt road. At 23km turn left, and scarcely half a kilometre on, turn right.


At 40.7 km turn right again, and at 58.7 km keep left, all the way till you strike tar again on the R390.


Starting point: Filling station at Gariep.

Route grading: 1. (Thunderstorms made the last section of the dirt road slippery and muddy when we last rode it. In those circumstances: 3.)

Distance: 109 km from the Gariep filling station, to the first petrol in Steynsburg.

Time period: 90 minutes. (Two hours if it's wet ...)