"My name is Nico Storm. I want to tell you about my father’s murder ..."

    FEVER is almost here: One man with a dream. One boy with a gun. One chance to rebuild the world.

    In SA and the Netherlands on 30 May. UK: June. USA and Canada: September. France and Germany: October.

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  • Welcome to the website!

    This is the official home page of South Afrian crime author Deon Meyer.

    Reading the FAQ's on the tab above can save you a lot of time - we've answered all the most popular questions there.

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Novel now TV Series

Dead Before Dying filmed in Cape Town: Germany's All-In-Productions completed the TV series based on Deon's book in 2015.

Details about the broadcast dates and countries are not available at present. Here's the trailer!

  • Advice for writers

    The more you do it, the better you become. There is nothing that improves your writing more than just sitting down and doing it.

    And read, read, read. See what is happening in the genre you plan to write in. Study and analyze what the really good authors are doing, and how they are doing it.

    Oh, and to quote my friend Michael Ridpath: Have fun.

  • What does Deon read?

    I read everything - from J.M. Coetzee to William Gibson, Michael Connelly, Robert Harris, Ian Rankin, Lee Child, Michael Ridpath, John Sandford, George P. Pelecanos, Douglas Kennedy, Mark Bowden, Anthony Beavor, to name but a few ...

    And the great masters: John D. MacDonald, Ed McBain, John le Carré, Frederick Forsyth, Ted Allbeury, Robert B. Parker ...

    I can't get enough of Stephen Pinker, love biographies, history, science and travel writing. And I'm a news junky.

  • Will he write my story?

    Deon says making up his own stories is too much fun. So thanks, but no, thanks.

    Will he read my work?

    Unfortunately, he gets so many similar requests that he simply can't.

    In what order should I read his books?

    It is more fun to read them in the order they were written, but it's not essential.

Explore the world of the books

Want to see what the settings of the books look like? Deon took these photos and videos while researching:

12 Desktop Wallpapers

After posting some of his photographs on Twitter and Facebook, Deon received numerous requests from readers to download the pix for use as desktop wallpapers.

He promised to make them available, so here they are.

The photographs were taken in and around Loxton in the Upper Karoo region of South Africa, where Deon has a weekend retreat (and his character Lemmer has a home), as well as Stellenbosch, and Cape Town. (If you want to know more about Loxton, visit the town's page.)

We will be updating the page regularly with new photos ...